Thursday, 8 September 2011

Here We Go!!

The 26.2 with Donna is very excited to announce we are joining forces with Jeff Galloway and the team at The Extra Mile Podcast to bring you The Extra Mile Podcast to Finish Breast Cancer !!

If you are currently entered in the 26.2 with Donna, or are even considering it, you may be looking for answers to many questions.
·         What’s the course like?
·         What is the typical race day weather?
·         Where should I stay?
·         How can I help Donna raise money for this great cause?
·         How can I use the Galloway RUN/WALK/RUN training method to finish this 26.2 mile block party with a smile on my face?
·         What are Galloway Pace Groups?
·         And on and on…..

The Extra Mile Podcast to Finish Breast Cancer will be YOUR virtual community to ask those questions and more, and get the answers RIGHT FROM THE SOURCE!!

Don’t train for this race alone! Take us along on your training runs and learn everything you need to know about the 26.2 with Donna at the same time! Become part of this exclusive and special community.

Watch this website for details of the Podcast coming soon, or download Jeff’s sister Podcast, The Extra Mile Podcast- GALLOWAY EDITION  for details.


Can’t wait for ALL your questions to be answered? Want them RIGHT NOW and want them IN PERSON??

Then The GALLOWAY EXTRA MILE Retreat is for you!

Jeff Galloway is pleased to announce his newest and only Marathon specific retreat. Join Jeff, Kevin from the Extra Mile Podcast, Donna and many more from The 26.2 With Donna the weekend of September 23 through 25 in Jacksonville. Ask all the questions you want about this marathon. Talk directly with Jeff about training for this course. Listen to Donna talk about what it means to have you involved in her cause and run on part of the marathon course with Jeff!

Listen to what Jeff has to say about this announcement by clicking HERE!!